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Summer 2008


I'm watching you at this very moment in "How To Succeed in Business..." and I was just noticing how much taller you are than Robert Morse. How much fun was that film to shoot?


Yes, I am 5’8” and you put on my heel (and my hair) and I am taller than him. The producers loved that I was taller because it helped the elfin quality of his character. We had a wonderful time working together. He is a genius and he helped me when I first did Rosemary on the stage.


I LOVE you in Big Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Dottie West story. Will it ever be released on DVD?


We are talking about putting it in a DVD right now. It would be part of a package with more information and backstage stories.


You have a timeless beauty. You never age.
What's your secret?


Thank you for the compliment. I do believe part of what keeps me youthful is what a lot of my fans know already. I smile and laugh a lot. I enjoy having a humor about life. I think and act young. I still think like someone in their thirties.

Question I am very much enjoying the first season of Knots Landing on DVD. I’ve heard rumors that they’ve decided not to release any more reasons on DVD. Do you know if this is true? Can you help?
I have also heard that a DVD is not going to be released. I think it is a money issue… not that the actor’s get any of it. The show was off the air for many years and that could play a part in sales. Answer
Question You are such a beautiful Woman how come you never posed for any cheesecake photos?
CHEESECAKE? I could eat it. But thank you for the compliment. Answer
Question Was it fun working with Kenny Rogers on “Big Dreams”?
It was the greatest thrill working with Kenny Rogers. I also was a fan of his. Singing with him as Dottie West (he re-recorded his original singing) Looking into his eyes while shooting the songs … forget it! Answer
Question How can we ever see the pilot for the Michele Lee Show?
Oh, my goodness, how did you hear about “The Michele Lee Show”? It has never been released by the network as the pilot didn’t sell that season. I didn’t own the show so I can’t help you. Thanks. Answer
Question I really enjoyed seeing the cast reunion recently of Knots. Will there be any more reunions in the future or perhaps any more movies that take us back to the cul-de-sac?
I would love to do the show again. I miss it and all my friends. It is very difficult to get it together. I hate reunions, by the way. Answer
Question Will copies of "Scandalous Me" ever be available for purchase?
I will look into “Scandalous Me for purchase. That was such an incredible movie for me. Fun. Again with costumes galore. And wigs. Very Dottie West fun. Would you guys like me to make that available? Answer
Question Will we be seeing you on TV anytime soon?
Look on Lifetime. I’m always on. But in terms of new shows I am in talks with a few shows to do special appearances. Answer
Question Is it true you might do a TV series with Burt Reynolds?
Burt and I almost did a television show together. He sent me the script. I was going to play his former wife (who he still loved) but he decided not to go back to television after all. Answer
Question Have you or would you consider participating in Broadway Barks?
I really don’t know about Broadway Barks. Do I get kibble? I assume this venture is about dogs. I love dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answer
Question I just wanted to say what a fan I am and I wanted to see if you remember going on a tour of the USS Nimitz (CVN 68)? James was doing a movie "The Final Countdown" with Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen. Do you still keep in contact with the crew of that film cast? You wanted a tour of the Nimitz and I was the YN3 that showed you the ship.
Oh, my goodness, I do remember. It was so exciting and thank you. I do see Charles Durning often. We live close to each other and go out to a neighborhood restaurant. I also see Kirk Douglas and his wife every once in a while. Answer
Question I was trying to find both editions of Circus Of The Stars in which you appeared. Are they available on DVD?
I don’t know if the circus is available. I don’t know who owns them. I did look good in those costumes. They were built on the “stars.” Couldn’t breathe. Answer
Question Michele, darling, when are you coming back to Saugatuck? Too, too much fun! I truly enjoyed your show and Ron is just terrific! Thank you for a glorious evening and I hope to do it again! Kisses to you both...
I had the best time there doing my show. You were just great and the best fun. I would love to come back. Ron Able and I are in Florida now doing my one woman show (my act) For those who don’t know I do my singing again. Going back to my stage roots now and then. Answer
Question Do you know if the Knots Landing reunions will be released on DVD?
I am sorry. I don’t know. Answer
Question Are original Broadway ideas going to fade away? Shows are turning into remakes from movies these days.
Broadway has had trouble selling tickets. They look for ideas and titles that are familiar the audience. Answer
Question If there are more Knots Landing seasons released on DVD, will you consider doing some of the DVD commentaries?
If they decide to do new releases. They asked me to do the commentaries for the first release but I was working. Answer
Question Were you asked to do cameos in any of the new Love Bug movies?
No, I wasn’t. I wish I was. That would have been the right thing to do. The audience loves that kind of surprise. Answer
Question Did you ever work with or know Morgan Fairchild? What is she like?
Yes I know Morgan. She dated the camera man on Knots Landing. We also belong to an organization called The Creative Coalition which is a non-political, non profit, that highlights freedom of speech issues. Morgan is very bright and very beautiful inside and out. Answer
Question In 1983 you were a guest on the Perry Como Christmas Show. There was a song that you sang while you two were ridding a carriage through New York City. I think it was called "Now" but I am not sure. Can you tell me the song?
The Best of Times Is Now was written by Jerry Herman. La Cage was the Broadway musical it was introduced in. Answer
Question How are you connected to Maroon 5?
The original member and drummer Ryan Dusick is my nephew. My brother Ken’s son. He is the most kind, talented, (can I say Hunk?), guy. We are very close, as is our whole family. The Maroon band rehearsed in my brother’s garage from the time they were 16 years old, or younger. They were originally called Kara’s Flowers. I know all the guys and they are SPECIAL. Answer
Question Is there any news on upcoming Knots Landing projects?
No news as of this time. Thank you. Answer
Question During the season where Knots Landing was doing flashbacks of younger characters, was there any talk of turning the flashbacks into a spin-off series?
There were talks of spin offs but it never happened and never talked about in that way. Great idea. Answer