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October 2000


I'm excited to see "Tale of the Allergist's Wife" -- what is your character like?


Lee Green is a mystery woman. You never really know what is up with her but she changes the lives of everyone in the play.

Question What's it like being back on the stage?
It is exhilirating and frightening at the same time. Answer

Have you ever worked with Linda Lavin or Tony Roberts before "Tale of the Allergist's Wife"?

I once worked with them on a television show. Answer

Do you get a chance to sing in "Tale of the Allergist's Wife"?



Question How did you get involved in doing the play?
I was sent the script and I loved it immediately. I performed "Allergist" in the original workshop at the Manhattan Theatre Club in New York City. Answer
Question Did you know Charles Busch prior to "Tale of the Allergist's Wife"?
I was a fan of his plays and met him at a benefit before getting involved with "Tale of the Allergist's Wife." You are terribly missed on weekly television! Is there a possibility of another series for you?
If I could find a project that would excite me.
Question Knots Landing was my favorite show of all time. Any chance for another reunion movie?
I'd love to do one, however, it's hard to get everyone together with our schedules. Answer
Question Do you stay in touch with the costars from Knots Landing?
Yes, I see most of them all the time. Answer
Question Will "Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story" be available on video?
Yes, we are talking about it. Answer
Question Did you know the late Bill Bixby?
Yes, I knew him and worked with him. Answer
Question Did you take anything from the "Knots Landing" set as a memento?
Yes, I took the clapboard which stated the scene number and the take of the final frame ever of "Knots Landing". Answer
Question I worked in the Dottie West Story. Will you ever be coming back to Nashville to film another movie?
Yes, I love Nashville. Hopefully, I will return to another movie. My husband and I do visit. Answer