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January 2002


I wanted to ask what type of foods you like, is there a diet plan that you follow? How do you care for your skin. You always look so beautiful. You look great! How do you keep that figure?


I’d love to be on a perpetual pasta diet. When I gain, I cut the extra carbs and exercise more. Nothing really special, I exfoliate my face in the shower twice a week. I have high cheekbones and that helps.


Do you ever see Mr. Fairgate himself - Don Murray?

I see him on rare occasions. He lives in Santa Barbara. Answer

I remember you were part of a French TV movie back to 1990 entitled "Meurtre en vidéo" (Fatal Image) that was filmed in Paris and around. How have you been chosen for that movie? Was it due to your French popularity through Knots Landing?


"Knots Landing" was on CBS and it happened to be a CBS movie.

Question Has there been any new buzz about another "Knots Landing" reunion movie?
Everyone always asks that question – our fans long for it, but it is very difficult for us to get our schedules coordinated. Answer
Question I love your short new haircut! Did you go shorter for "Tale of the Allergist's Wife"?
Thank you! Yes, I did. Answer
Question Do you mind when fans recognize you in the street and stop to chat? I imagine that must happen a lot!
I feel comfortable talking to fans on the street as long as they are friendly. Answer
Question I loved when you sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" on Knots Landing. Will you do another album?
I plan to do more singing, but I don’t know if I will do another album. Answer
Question What do you do when you have time to spare?
If I have time to spare, I usually get a massage. Answer
Question Do you prefer stage or film?
I enjoy both for different reasons. Answer
Question I'd love to see a wide screen version of "The Love Bug" made available on DVD. Do you know of any plans for this?
It’s being done as we speak. Answer
Question I saw you yesterday in "The Tale of the Allergist Wife" and just want to let you know that you were wonderful! How long are you anticipating on staying with play?
My contract is up in January, but we are still selling out. Answer
Question When did you start using the last name of "Lee"? I've also seen your name, Michele, appear with an accent mark.
As long as I have been in the business, since the age of 16. Lee is my middle name and Dusick is my maiden name. The accent mark is the correct French spelling. Answer
Question I am trying to create a family tree and genealogy, I know that I am related to just about every Dosick that is in the states, I know that your last name is Dusick, but are the two related?
Yes, we probably are related. The original spelling of my name is Dosick. My father didn’t close his O’s in school so the name stayed. Answer
Question Have you done genealogical research on your last name of "Dusick"?
No. Answer
Question "The Comic" is a FANTASTIC movie! What was it like to be part of such a great movie?
It was fantastic. Answer
Question Michele, are you a cigar aficionado?
No. Answer
Question If there was a message that you hoped that the Karen character put across to the audience, what was it?
Yes, an intelligent woman with her own mind. Answer
Question How are you like "Karen McKenzie"?
An intelligent woman with her own mind. Answer
Question What was it like to work with Michael Bennett?
Invigorating. Incredible. We had the same energy. Answer
Question Have you ever read any of the Knots Landing fan-written fiction?
At times I had. Answer
Question Would you ever consider doing a more "pop" album?
Yes. Answer
Question Do you still have plans of doing another TV series?
Yes. Answer
Question I'm interested in some of the original music from Knots Landing. How can I find out the names of the scores and/or songs?
Call the composer’s agent. Answer
Question Did you reunite with The Love Bug cast to record the DVD commentary? What was that like?
We were not in the same room together. We did it separately. On different days. But as you know Buddy Hackett passed away. I was at his funeral and at the family home afterwards. Answer
Question I heard a rumor a few months ago that you were thinking about doing a stage play of the life of Jacqueline Susann, possibly a one-woman show. Is this true? I think it's a fabulous idea. Nobody could do Miss Susann the justice she deserves like you can!
I own the rights for a stage presentation, but nothing is being planned at the moment. Answer
Question Do you see yourself doing another Broadway show after "Tale of the Allergist's Wife"?
I love the stage. I’m delighted to be back. I’m looking forward to doing a musical. Answer
Question Was playing a person with breast cancer (Jacqueline Susann) a scary time for you?
As an actor, you place yourself in very difficult situations. Answer
Question In the 70's you worked with Ken Howard, how was it to work with him, was he nice?
I love Ken Howard. He’s a very talented actor and happens to be a lot taller than me, another plus. Answer
Question Were you ever a friend to the late Bill Bixby? If so, did you come to his funeral in November '93 or did you just heard about his death of cancer?
Yes, I was a friend of Bill Bixby. I was out of town when he was buried. Answer
Question Do you smoke cigarettes?
No, I don’t. I did when I was younger. Answer
Question Did you ever run in the Boston marathon?
No, I didn’t. However, I don’t run. I walk for exercise. Answer
Question Is it true that you participated in a "nude" fundraising event. If so, how did you feel about it? Did any other celebrities participate?
The event was to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. I wasn’t really nude; I was wearing a body stocking. Yes, other Broadway stars. Answer
Question I see Valerie Harper will be replacing Linda Lavin in the role of Marjorie in "The Tale of the Allergists Wife" on July 31. How long is the play set to run and how long will you be in it?
It’s a smash hit. I don’t know when the final curtain will come down. Answer
Question We are doing "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" at Washington University next year, and I was wondering what your experience was like working on that show?
It was amazing watching Robert Morse. It was like a real learning experience for me. Answer
Question After your performance in the "Allergist's Wife" I got your autograph, you were so patient and nice, do you ever just get tired and want to go home?
We are, but saying hello to everyone after the show is part of the job. Answer
Question How do you feel about working with Valerie Harper?
She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met – very positive! We have known each other from before, but never worked together. Answer
Question A rerun of Fantasy Island in the UK recently saw you alongside a "ghostly" little girl who appeared in your character's photographs. I noticed the actress' name was Ronne Troup and wondered if this was the same actress who went on to play Barbara (the Mackenzie' nanny) on Knots Landing?
I honestly don’t know, but I will find out. Answer
Question When can I expect to see you in a feature film or cable / TV movie?
Now I’m doing theatre in New York, so it’s difficult to answer that question. Answer
Question Now that you're back on Broadway, do you get to see any of the other Broadway shows that are running?
Sometimes on Monday nights. I always try to go. Answer
Question Do you miss living in Los Angeles? If so, what aspects?
I miss my family most of all. I also miss my home, which I’ve spent the last 30 years creating it as a sanctuary. Answer