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August 2004


Any chance of you doing a one woman show? I love your voice and personality.


As a matter of fact I have been working on a one-woman show. Mostly singing and stories of my life. Aimed at having fun. We will keep you informed.


Did you enjoy working with Dean Jones in The Love Bug -- and do you ever see him now?


I see Dean Jones very rarely but we are very fond of each other. He is a wonderful person.


You were great in Along Came Polly. Did you have fun making the film? Any fun stories to share?


I just loved Jennifer Aniston. She was a real “girlfriend.” Very down to earth. So was Debra Messing. She was talking of having a baby and was always emailing her hubby from the set. I hope she wasn’t asking him to get over to the studio when she took her temp.

Question We loved you on Miss Match! Any chance your character will return? Will the show return in the fall?
I waited so long to answer this that we all know the answer now. It was fun on the set, Very relaxed. Ryan is a comic and I love to laugh. Answer
Question What’s your all-time favorite Broadway show? New favorite?
I think Gypsy is probably the best old-fashioned (in a good sense of the word) musical. It transcends time. Mame is a close second. It is very appropro at this time. Death of a Salesman and Streetcar Named Desire are the best dramas. Answer
Question Do you agree that on Knots Landing Karen represented the picture of the perfect wife, mother and woman? What was her flaw?
Her “flaw” was that she didn’t always think of the consequences of her actions when she thought there was an injustice being done to someone or something. Answer
Question I loved "That Loveable Bug" on The Love Bug DVD.
I am sorry I didn’t see it. I will now though. Answer
Question I saw one of your guest appearances on "The Perry Mason" show. What can you remember about that experience?
I don’t remember doing any Perry Mason episode. Oh God, what does that mean. Answer
Question At the CBS Anniversary Special, did your Seesaw co-star Ken Howard appear?
I didn’t see him. He might have been there. There were many of us. He is another man I adore. Answer
Question There is a rumor that you may return to Broadway in Mame. Any truth to this?
From your mouth to God’s ear. I am playing Mame at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles with a 72-piece orchestra and a terrific cast. It opens August 1st and it closed August 1st. ONE NIGHT only. Answer
Question When you worked in “Big Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Dottie West Story” was it hard to remember the song lyrics?
No, because I had lived with her music for so many years. It was in development for three. Answer
Question Are you a longtime friend and/or fan of the late Bob Hope?
I only worked with him once but saw him at all the Hollywood functions when he was in better heath. I knew many comedians of that age because I was singing in those days and everyone loved new up and comers. Answer
Question Did you ever win a talent show as a young teen?
I won best entertainer in high school voted on by classmates. That’s it. Answer
Question I am trying to find out the true story behind the movie "My Son Johnny". I would like to read the actual story but have not been able to find out where it actually took place and whom it is based upon. Can you give me any details?
It was a true case. You can look up Carla Singer, the producer. She lives in New York. She may have the information. Or the writer, if you have the movie. Answer
Question Do you remember your first car? I think I sold it to you/your mother?
I believe it was a blue and white Plymouth convertible. I loved it. But then I also had an Alpha Romeo. Black. A stick shift. Answer
Question Have you ever worked with Roseanne Barr? If so, where? What is she like to work with?
I haven’t worked with her. I have only met her and she seems as outrageous as you would think. Answer
Question Is there any person (actor, singer) with whom you have not worked whom you would like to work with?
I’d like to do a musical with Sir Anthony Hopkins. Also Tom Selleck. I wonder if he sings? Marian Seldes? Answer
Question Of the places you have traveled, which one stands out and why?
I love St. Maartin. It is in the Caribbean. French and Dutch sides. Great food. Beautiful people. Also, I know this sounds funny, I love Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Body. Mind. Spirit. It makes you feel alive. Answer
Question Do you prefer Grey Poupon or French's Yellow mustard?
I am not a mustard eater. Not on hot dogs or hamburgers or etc. I love mustard sauces on chicken or? Answer
Question Do you have a favorite song by The Beatles?
I should say Michelle. I love Something (I don’t want to leave Her/him now) I love Imagine. Answer
Question Did you spend your time in Germany? If yes, which city did you visit?
I have not spent time in Germany. I want to go. I have many pen pals who were great Knots Landing fans. Answer
Question The time you did the escape artist bit on Circus of the stars looked really dangerous! Were you fearful doing that stunt? How long did you prepare for it? Will Circus of the Stars ever be on video or DVD?
I did more than one so I don’t know which one you are talking about. There was fire. A little hairy. I acted so well that everyone got scared. But I was okay. Answer
Question Have you seen Donna Mills lately? How is she doing? I enjoyed the adversarial relationship you shared on screen. I always liked seeing photos of you two out in public together having fun.
I know. Isn’t it funny. She is an okay babe. She is doing fine, and just as gorgeous as ever. Answer
Question Did you reunite with The Love Bug cast to record the DVD commentary? What was that like?
We were not in the same room together. We did it separately. On different days. But as you know Buddy Hackett passed away. I was at his funeral and at the family home afterwards. Answer
Question Do you have any information on Knots being released on DVD?
If you hear let me know. I’ll buy them all! Answer
Question You sang a beautiful song in an episode dedicated to your TV son after his death in 1990. What was the name of the song, and is it available in a recorded format?
I didn’t record it. It was a Barry Manilow song. I believe it is in his Christmas CD. The Children. Answer
Question Are you considered a soprano or a mezzo?
If I sang opera. But I am an “alto.” My voice is very typical pop or Broadway and it is considered low. Answer
Question Do you shop online? And if so, what are some of your favorite stores?
I have only shopped on Ebay and bought some of my things. Funny? Answer
Question Your voice is fantastic. When are you going to do another CD?
Thank you. thank you. I would love too. I don’t know. Answer
Question Do you speak any French?
No. I can say. “What is your name?” and “My name is Michele.” But obviously I cannot spell it. Answer